Debian04 Jan 2007 01:21 am

Lessons learned today:

  • Debian developers already have got accounts on alioth and don’t have to needlessly create new accounts like I did
  • always check the project home page of an alioth project otherwise you look potentially at an old and dead cvs repository like I did instead of the current svn repository
  • do more research before you do ITPs otherwise there are more lessons like the above for me to learn
Debian&General02 Jan 2007 01:15 am

Decided to get back to some Debian related work: posted an ITP for the vdr epgsearch plugin. The autotimer function of vdradmin which I use extensively is reaaaally slowing down the web interface. Fortunately more recent vdradmin versions are deprecating the autotimer function and recommend the epgsearch plugin for automatic timers. So instead of just compiling the plugin for myself I thought I should better do it properly and include it in Debian. I hope to get it done during the week.

BTW happy new year to everyone who just changed years according to their calendar. For me I’m sure it’ll get an interesting ride this year.

Debian19 Apr 2006 10:18 pm

David Nusinow, the current Xorg Debian maintainer, has put a tremendous amount of work in packaging the beast which is known as Xorg. He did the transition from XFree86 to Xorg and manages the transition to modular Xorg 7 now. There are currently some disturbances in the force but I fully agree with this post from Daniel Stone. Thank you David and the XSF, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Debian21 Jan 2006 12:26 am

Got around to revisiting the Debian hula package. Sent an email to Alex asking for his assessment on including a more recent svn snapshot. Alex has already done all the hard work dealing with the new mono dependencies so I guess it boils down to a stability question.